LBO modeling for Private Equity Jobs and Interviews

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What you will learn

  • What is an LBO model
  • How to present the outputs in a clean and readable Excel sheet and powerpoint
  • How to make a paper LBO in 10 minutes
  • What are the frequent questions asked by an interviewer
  • How to do a short LBO exercise from scratch by mastering all the formulas and excel formatting
  • How to approach a Private Equity interview and handle the information provided
  • How to perform a full LBO model in 48 hours
  • All the keys to succeed in your Private Equity interviews

Video Course


Paper LBO (in 10-30min)

Short LBO: Solving an Excel LBO model exercise (in 2-3 hours)

Full LBO model at home (in 24-48 hours)

Strategic Case Overview: How to approach this interview?


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1 year ago
great training, I recommend it. I was anxious about going to interviews and I am confident now because the training gave me a lot of information.


This course is for candidates aiming to join PE founds or junior profiles looking to improve their modeling skills in Excel

This LBO modeling training requires a significant previous experience in finance such as 6 months in M&A, Transaction Services or Audit. You should have a good understanding of financial concepts such as balance sheet, p&l, cash flow, as well as a decent mastery of Excel. 

The course is divided into several lessons presented in the form of chaptered videos, that includes the following elements:

  • An exhaustive presentation of what an LBO case is
  • A methodology to perform an LBO paper in 10 minutes
  • The different steps to make a short LBO exercice from scratch
  • A full methodology to deliver a full LBO model on Excel
  • A complete overview on how to approach a Private Equity interview and handle the information provided

Are you interviewing for a full-time or PE internship? So yes, this course is for you.

For example, in an internship, you won't necessarily be doing modeling but you will be able to work on it and thus understand how it works.

Immediately after your payment, you can login to the site and access the video in your user account: 5 lessons / 4 hours of video content 100% online and unlimited access. You can also download the Excel template to practice. 

A one-time payment of €489 gives you an illimited access to this course and the Excel LBO model

No, just a computer, an internet connection, and office 365 (Excel).

You can follow this course if you have a Mac but to be sure to perform at the client, you will need a PC to model your LBO on Excel

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