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Ace your LBO case interview in Private Equity
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Step up your modeling skills to perform at your PE job
Mathieu Carton, expert on LBO Modeling


The LBO training

This training is intended for people who want to join Private Equity or who are already in an Investment fund. Investment professionals require an advanced level of technicality and require sustained training throughout all their career.

Training is essential at all stages of a career, especially when recruiting a junior or a new team member, changing grades, or moving internally.


With this LBO training, you will go through different types of LBO cases, from a simple paper LBO to an in-depth LBO case study up to 48 hours.

What is this training made of

In order to meet Private Equity investors’ needs to perfect their skills, but also for the rest of the professionals wishing to join this business, this “LBO Training” is a 100% online training course allowing you to acquire the technical skills necessary to carry out an LBO model perfectly.

The training is divided into several lessons presented in the form of chaptered videos,
that includes the following elements:

An exhaustive presentation of what an LBO case is
A methodology to perform a paper LBO in 10 minutes
The different steps to make a short LBO exercise from scratch
A full methodology to deliver of a full LBO model on Excel
A complete overview on how to approach a Private Equity interview and handle the information provided
Mathieu Carton, expert on LBO Modeling


Mathieu, your instructor

LBO Modeling Expert

+10 years of professional experience

Since graduating from one of the best business schools in the world, Mathieu has held an investment role in two major European Private Equity funds for almost five years.

He has interviewed hundreds of candidates for PE positions.


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5 LBO Training video lessons
4 hours of content
Full Excel LBO model to download
For large and mid cap

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